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The Law Office of Shelia McCoy. a Marshall, Texas Attorney with a concentration in Family and Divorce Law
Attorney supports clients located throughout East Texas cities including
Marshall • Longview • Jefferson • Carthage

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Retaining a family attorney is a very personal choice. For best results, it is critical that your attorney be someone who will listen closely to your concerns, advise you about
the law, tell you how the court might rule in your case, and help you select an approach to take to achieve the best outcome for you.
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• Annulment

• Child Custody

• Child Support

• Modifications

• Paternity Matter

• Adoption

• Wills & Probate
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The McCoy Law Firm, located in Marshall, Texas is
committed to effective results and compassionate
representation in the areas of divorce, child custody, child support, and mediation. With more than 15 years of experience, Shelia McCoy is committed to developing a close working relationship with her East Texas clients to provide high quality, caring and efficient legal services. She believes that clients deserve effective representation, and she works to move divorce and custody cases through the family law courts as timely as possible without sacrificing results.
Shelia McCoy is very aware of the strain that a divorce
and child custody lawsuit can put on children. She
works very hard to make sure that the divorce process
is handled in a manner that produces the least possible trauma for the children. From the beginning steps of listening to your situation, to seeing your matters through mediation or litigation, Shelia McCoy has the knowledge and skills to successfully handle your case, whether the matter is a simple modification, an uncontested divorce, or a more complex child custody lawsuit. She is committed to keeping you involved at every step in the legal process.
Choose the family attorney that takes a focused, personalized approach to your divorce and family law issues. The Law Office of Shelia McCoy in Marshall, Texas serves families throughout east Texas including Marshall, Jefferson, Carthage and the counties of Harrison, Gregg, Panola, Smith and Marion.